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Get a project locale


Gets a single locale in currently authenticated project

URI parameters


Locale short code, or language tag

string required

API key - required if not sent in Authorization header

string optional

Request headers


API key sent as "Loco <key>" or "Basic <encoded>". See Authentication.

string required if not in query


A single JSON-encoded Locale object, which takes the following form:

    "code": "", // Locale short code, or language tag
    "name": "", // Friendly display name
    "source": false, // Whether the default/source locale of the project
    "plurals": {
        "length": 2, // Number of forms including singular
        "equation": "n != 1", // Equation for calculating offset in forms
        "forms": ["zero","one","two","few","many","other"], // Plural form names
    "progress": {
        "translated": 0, // Number of assets for which a translation exists (including those flagged)
        "untranslated": 0, // Number of assets that are not yet translated to this language
        "flagged": 0, // Number of translations that are flagged as requiring attention
        "words": 0, // Approximate word count for translated texts in this language

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