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Cookie policy

This page explains what cookies Loco uses and how to control them

Loco sets cookies in your browser from the first time you visit our website. Our cookies are not intended to invade your privacy or identify you personally. The cookies we set are for the following purposes:

  1. to keep you logged in to your account after signing in;
  2. to remember user preferences between page views;
  3. to establish 'returning visitors' in Google Analytics;
  4. to provide the optional 'stay signed in' feature;
  5. to process card transactions via our payment provider;
  6. to remember that you've been notified about cookies.

If you don't know what cookies are, detailed information can be found at

Session cookies

These cookies don't persist after you log out of your account or close your browser (they are 'session cookies') and should be deleted by your web browser when it exits.

( 1. ) Logging in to Loco is not possible without accepting a session cookie named sessid. The identifier in this cookie is stored in our database in order to provide the core functionality of the Loco service. It cannot be used to track your activity on other websites.

( 2. ) Various session cookies are used to remember user preferences between page views. Deleting these cookies from your computer will have no serious detrimental affect to the functionality of Loco. They are for your convenience.

Persistent cookies

These cookies are "persistent" meaning they are not deleted when you close your browser, although they have expiry dates after which your browser will delete them automatically.

( 3. ) Google Analytics sets first party cookies on behalf of our Internet domain. These cookies persist for up to two years if you don't clear them from your browser. If you don't want Google Analytics cookies to collect your data, Google provide an opt-out method in the form of a browser add-on

( 4. ) If you choose to use the stay signed in feature, our servers will set a cookie with a one year life span. If you don't want this cookie to be set, don't tick the "stay signed in" checkbox when you log in. It's entirely optional.

( 5. ) Our payment provider (Stripe) sets cookies on your computer when you initiate a purchase. These cookies are accessed only by Stripe and are subject to their own privacy policy. Deleting these cookies from your computer will have no affect on Loco's functionality once a purchase has been completed or cancelled and they will never contain your credit card number.

( 6. ) By continuing to use our website you've given us consent to store these cookies. We note this by setting a cookie called cc. It may live up to one year in your browser, during which time your consent remains granted.

Deleting cookies

Cookies may have been set by our website before you had a chance to read this document, but you can delete them. To delete cookies from your computer follow these instructions for your specific browser.

It's perfectly safe to delete any of the cookies set by the Loco website. The worst that can happen is you'll get logged out.

Refusing cookies

It's not possible to use the Loco website without our servers attempting to set cookies, but you can block them via your browser.

Blocking cookies will have no detrimental effect when you're logged out of your account, but blocking some cookies will prevent you from logging in or operating your account dashboard. You may wish to use a browser add-on like Privacy Badger, which will help you block non-essential cookies while allowing essential cookies to be accepted.

Third party cookies

From time to time pages on the Loco website may include content from third parties which may also set third party cookies. The setting of third party cookies is subject to the providers' own privacy policies. Although we select these third parties carefully and sparingly, we have no control over the cookies they set. Example: sets cookies as outlined above.

Third party cookies are never sent back to the Loco website, because your browser can only send them to their originating domain. This means we have no access to the data they contain, nor any power to remove or modify them.

If you are worried about the presence of third parties, we recommend you block third party cookies completely via your browser settings. Blocking third party cookies will not prevent any core functionality of the Loco service from operating, but you may find some auxiliary functions stop working such as credit card processing.

If you think a third party is behaving in a way that undermines our high standards of privacy, please let us know and we will consider removing them from our website.