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02 May 2023


12 Nov 2022

  • Added url to credentials object returned by /api/auth/verify.
  • Added flag-updated parameter to Import API.
  • Deprecated assets key in import response, capped at 100 records.


15 Dec 2021


26 Aug 2020


11 Nov 2019


12 Apr 2019

  • Added words property to locale progress.
  • Added breaks parameter to Export API to control line endings.
  • Added no-comments parameter to Export API to strip inline comments.
  • Added experimental .arb support. Subject to change until documented fully.
  • Deprecated native locale property in favour of source.
  • Deprecated js file exports. May be removed in future. Export json for all js integrations.


18 Mar 2019

  • Added charset parameter to Export API.
  • Added path parameter to Import API.
  • Disabled importing of dummy import.{ext} file references.


02 Nov 2018

  • Added support for ICU .res and .txt files. (export and import).
  • Added printf=icu to the export API for conversions to MessageFormat.
  • Added no-folding option to export API to suppress key folding.
  • Disabled strict checking of plural formulas sent to patchLocale.


14 Sep 2018

  • Added the tagAssets endpoint for batch tagging by asset IDs.
  • Flagging by redundant status now supported by flagTranslation.
  • Raw request body can always be accessed via a post parameter called data.
  • JSON is now beautified by default, specify ?ugly for legacy output.
  • Removed name fields already deprecated in favour of
  • Started supporting X-Api-Version header as fallback for v parameter.
  • Now binding all request body parameters to data for consistency.


18 Mar 2018

  • Added export source parameter for indexing by alternative locale.
  • Unified response models for sync/async import methods.
  • Added filter wildcards: * (any tags) and !* (no tags).
  • Deprecated translation "type" property. Access from asset only.
  • Deprecated asset "name" property and introduced asset "aliases".
  • Started supporting "v" parameter for specifying historical versions.

Versions older than 1.0.19 are not publicly tracked.