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The online PO file editor can be used without registration

The same PO file editor that we use in the Loco translator dashboard is also available to use without registration.

Try the editor

Loading, editing and saving PO/MO files

Drag a PO file onto the Loco PO editor (or click and select one) and you will be presented with a translation editing interface.

Other file formats supported by Loco will also work here to load your translations, including Gettext POT and binary MO files.

Once you've made edits you can download the altered PO or MO file by clicking the :save icon:

The editor compiles the binary MO file on the Loco servers so you don't need the Gettext msgfmt program installed.

POT files

If you're familiar with Gettext, you'll know that POT files are templates for PO files. They don't contain translations, only the source texts in your native language which are used to generate translatable PO files.

PO files have the source texts locked as they're designed only for translating, but the Loco editor also allows you to edit the source strings by switching to POT mode. Toggle this with the :lock icon: in the navigation bar to edit and remove messages.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctrl ↵ Done and Next
  • Ctrl ↓ Next message
  • Ctrl ↑ Previous message
  • ⇧ Ctrl ↓ Next untranslated
  • ⇧ Ctrl ↑ Previous untranslated
  • Ctrl B Copy from source text
  • Ctrl K Clear translation
  • Ctrl U Toggle Fuzzy

On a Mac? You can use ⌘ Cmd instead of Ctrl.