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File formats

Loco is platform agnostic, so it supports many formats.

This means you can get your translations in and out of Loco in a wide variety of language packs:

  • Android string resources
  • iOS Localizable strings
  • Gettext PO, POT and binary MO
  • PHP language packs, including Symfony
  • TMX (Translation Memory eXchange)
  • XLIFF (Localisation Interchange File Format)
  • ResX for .NET framework
  • Apple property lists
  • Java properties
  • TS for Qt Framework
  • XML (various schemas)
  • Yaml (various schemas)
  • JSON (various schemas)

Additionally the following formats can be exported, although not yet imported:

  • CSV (Comma separated values)
  • MySQL INSERT statements
  • HTML table
  • JavaScript

See the specific help pages for importing or exporting from your platform.