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Convert PO files to JSON language packs

Free tool converts Gettext PO files to a simple JSON structure.

Language pack converter

Upload a language pack to convert between common formats

Convert Gettext PO files

PO and POT files are supported.

Convert Gettext MO files

Loco can read the binary format and decompile to PO files.

Convert XML language packs

Supports various formats including Android strings, Java properties, TMX, XLIFF and TS.

Convert XLIFF language packs

XLIFF is an XML format, short for 'Localization Interchange File Format'.

Convert ResX language packs

Support for plain text resources in ResX files for .NET

Convert Yaml language packs

Structures for Symfony and Ruby on Rails are supported.

Convert JSON language packs

Generic structures and Chrome extensions are supported.

Convert Java properties

Java properties and XML formats are supported.

Convert iOS language packs

Supports Localizable.strings plus Apple property list and binary plist formats

Convert PHP language packs

Zend, Symfony and CodeIgniter language packs are supported.

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