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XML language pack formats supported by the importer

Although XML is a generic file format that can take any structure, there are many common schemas for translation files.


TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) can support multiple languages in the same file. When using the Loco importer, only one language will be extracted at a time, so be sure to specify which locale you are importing.


XLIFF (Localization Interchange File Format) is used by various frameworks including Symfony for PHP and Xcode. This format also supports multiple locales, so be sure to tell Loco which locale you're importing.

Android String Resources

Android's strings.xml format is recognized by Loco's XML parser. Plural forms and string arrays are supported along with regular text and HTML resources.

Qt framework

Loco can import TS formatted XML files which are used by the Blackberry platform. TS files are unique amongst the XML formats that Loco supports in that they support message contexts.

See TS file format documentation

Apple property lists

Loco can import .plist formatted XML and the equivalent binary .bplist.

See Loco's full iOS and Xcode support


Loco can import ResX format XML files which are used by the .NET framework.

Java Properties XML

​See Java imports