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Accessing the Cloud Translation API from your Loco dashboard

Google Translate is part of Google Cloud. You will need a simple API key to use it with Loco.

Configure a bot to use Google Translate

  1. Navigate to the Bots tab wherever you see the :robot icon: in the Loco dashboard.
  2. Click "New bot", choose Google Translate, and enter your Google Cloud API key into the only text field.
  3. Save the bot and it's ready to run. See also how to run a translation bot.

Steps for generating a Google Cloud API key

  1. Register for Google Cloud.
  2. Go to the cloud console and create a new project.
  3. Go to "APIs & Services", click "Enable APIs and services", find the "Cloud Translation API" and click "Enable".
  4. You may have to Enable Billing at this point. Usage of this API will incur fees from Google once your free quota is used.
  5. Generate a key from APIs & Services > Credentials. Click "Create Credentials" and choose "API key".
  6. We recommend clicking "Restrict key" and at least locking it to the Translation API.


Google Cloud allows API keys to be restricted to just the Cloud Translation API. As per our security recommendations, we recommend you generate a key just for Loco and add this restriction as a minimum precaution. You can also limit API access to our IP range, but this must also include your own IP as initial bot verification makes a request directly from your browser. Note also that you may have to add IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Attribution requirements

Further to our general advice on attributing automatically translated content, see Google's specific attribution requirements.


Only Cloud Translation - Basic (v2) is supported. Access to the Advanced (v3) API may be added in future if demand is high.

Only API key authentication is supported. Access via Loco's existing Google OAuth implementation is on the roadmap.