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Accessing the Translator Text API from your Loco dashboard

The Microsoft Translator Text API is part of Azure Cognitive Services. You will need an Azure account and a subscription API key.

Configure a bot to use Microsoft Translator

  1. Navigate to the Bots tab wherever you see the :robot icon: in the Loco dashboard.
  2. Click "New bot", choose Microsoft Translator, and enter your Azure secret key into the text field.
  3. Save the bot and it's ready to run. See also how to run a translation bot.

Steps for generating an Azure secret key

  1. Sign up for Microsoft Azure
  2. From the portal click "Create a resource", search for "Translator Text" and click "Create"
  3. Complete your subscription by choosing your pricing tier and region (or select global).
  4. Select "Keys" in the Resource Management section of your subscription and note your key.

Resource region

If you created your subscription in a region other than global you will need to enter the short code into the Loco bot configuration. For example, "West Europe" is actually westeurope. The wrong region will produce authentication errors.

See the official Azure authentication.