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Paying for Loco without a credit card

The best way to pay your Loco subscription is by monthly or yearly card payment. It's completely self-service and provides the flexibility to increase or decrease your plan level at any time.

However, we understand that Loco users in large companies may be unable to authorize recurring card payments. For this reason we offer a payment method whereby an invoice for a fixed subscription period can be settled by electronic bank transfer. We call this "Direct billing" because it doesn't involve an intermediate payment processor.

Direct billing is a manual invoicing process and is less flexible and convenient compared to with card payments. If you really can't pay by card then please read the restrictions below and place an order.

Restrictions and eligibility

  • Any UK or EU company may request an invoice for a Loco subscription providing that the transfer of payment will be in full to our UK bank account without the deduction of any fees. Generally this means a domestic UK bank transfer in GBP, or a SEPA payment in Euros.

  • Upgraded Loco features are available on receipt of payment. This means that companies with long payment terms will have to wait the duration of their self-imposed period before their purchase is delivered. This applies regardless of whether a purchase order is provided.

  • You cannot alter your plan level once your subscription has been paid for. This does not affect your right to cancel your subscription or receive a refund, but self-service plan changes are not available under direct billing and require the ordering process to be repeated.

  • The minimum value of a directly billed subscription is 100 GBP with a minimum duration of six months. This is due to the amount of manual work and personal correspondence involved in the ordering process.

Ordering a subscription

If you're happy with the restrictions of direct billing, here's how to proceed with your account upgrade:

  1. Get a quote
    Tell us what plan level you require and for how many months, and we'll email you our quoted price. Send your email to support at this domain or preferably use the contact form.

  2. Request an invoice
    Reply to your quotation email with your company details (including VAT number if applicable) and we'll raise an invoice to be settled by bank transfer. You can provide a purchase order number at this point if you wish.

  3. Settle payment
    Once our bank notifies us of full payment we will activate your subscription for the duration you've specified. We recommend you also send us remittance advice by email or post to ensure your payment can be identified in a timely fashion.

Cancellation and expiry

You will be free to cancel your subscription at any time, but please note that direct invoicing is not self-service and all changes must be arranged manually over email in the same manner that the initial order was placed. Refunds will be offered pro rata according to the amount in GBP that we originally received from you, minus any fees we have to pay in order to reimburse you.

We will notify you by email when your chosen subscription period has expired, but it will not renew automatically as we will have no mechanism to take payment for a subsequent period. If you wish to continue your subscription then the ordering process can be repeated; otherwise we'll revert your account back to the Free plan.

Please see the general information about plan cancellation as it applies to all payment methods equally.

Supplier details and contact

The following information can be used to register Loco as a supplier to your company if needed:

  • Loco is operated by White Interactive Ltd registered in England and Wales no. 05014839.
  • Our registered business address is publicly available on our Companies House page.
  • Our VAT number for UK tax purposes is 216 2944 14
  • Our EU VAT number is EU 372017565 (GB 216294414 prior to January 2021) See EU payments.
  • Bank details including IBAN and Swift will appear on your invoice, but can be requested in advanced.

The single point of contact for Loco subscriptions is the company director Tim Whitlock. He can be reached by emailing support at this domain or by using the contact form. Emails will be answered promptly during office hours, but please note that customer support is not available by phone.

We will email you all this information in full (including bank details) when you request a quote.

Additional procurement information and contracts

We understand that purchasing departments at large companies may need to approve Loco as a new supplier before proceeding with a purchase order. The above information should hopefully be sufficient for that, but please note the following otherwise:

  1. Supplier registration
    Feel free to ask for any additional supplier details you need, but if you have particularly stringent criteria (or require us to fill in forms or supply copies of documents) we may not be able to oblige. We simply don't have the resources to engage in lengthy procurement processes for individual subscriptions.

  2. Terms of business
    Loco subscriptions are provided under our own terms of service. We don't enter into bespoke contracts and cannot agree to any additional terms or conditions requested by customers. We don't have the resources to review any kind of legally binding document.

  3. Invoice acceptance
    We email our invoices as PDF documents and can send them to any address you specify. However, we can't customise this if it doesn't meet your requirements (e.g. alternative file formats, or specific wording). If your billing system rejects our invoice, your Loco subscription will simply remain inactive for as long as the invoice remains unpaid.

Our software is offered at a very low cost and with the assurance that you can cancel your subscription at any time. We hope this is sufficient for your purchasing department to authorize and process payment for your Loco plan.

Switching from card payments

If you already have a paid plan under a pre-existing arrangement (such as credit card billing) your original subscription will remain active until the end of the paid period. We won't take any new payments for the old plan after this time, and if we receive payment for your new plan any earlier we'll refund you for the overlap so you don't pay twice.

Please endeavour to pay your new invoice by the time the previously billed period ends, or your account will be in arrears. If there's a shortfall between paid periods we may have to revert your account to the free plan while we await payment.