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Information for EU VAT-registered businesses outside the UK

To tell us you're a business you must provide us with your VAT registration number and company address.

If you provide a valid VRN we will print this on your invoices and we'll treat you as a business customer from then on. Get in touch to provide these details, or add them on the payment screens when you upgrade your account.

Once we have your VRN, invoices will show that amounts payable include 0% VAT and we will pay zero VAT back to your country. You will be obliged to pay any applicable VAT under whatever EU reverse charge mechanism operates in your country.

Universal pricing

The total amount payable as a business customer will be the same advertised price that private individuals pay. Our advertised prices are not "net" prices before tax, they are universal. We effectively swallow any due taxes, but we cannot reduce the price when no taxes are due.

Although we can't reduce our Euro prices, VAT-registered businesses can choose to pay in USD or GBP. These prices may work out cheaper from time to time, depending on the strength of the Euro. To change your account currency please contact us before making a payment.

If you've made a payment and require different information to appear on your invoice, please just email us the information. You can provide us with your VAT no. after you've paid, but as explained above, this will not alter the price you pay.

If you've already subscribed to a plan we can't change your subscription currency. It will persist for all recurring payments until you cancel your plan.

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