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Project notifications

Getting notified about changes to your project

The :bell icon: at the top of your Loco dashboard will alert you when someone's actions have changed the state of a project.

Changes to project state

Actions changing the state of your project generally include things being translated, untranslated, or flagged. These types of actions usually result in a change to the progress or "completion" of your project.

Example 1: (Translator workflow)
You're a French translator and are watching the French locale in one of your projects. Someone else in that project adds a new translatable asset. You will be a alerted to the fact that the French locale is now less complete. The alerts dropdown will show that the number of untranslated items in French has increased. This means you need to translate the new items.

Example 2: (Manager workflow)
You're a project manager and recently added some new assets for translation. While your translators are busy translating the new items, you'll be alerted as their progress increases. You won't see a separate alert for every single change; rather the alerts are aggregated as each locale progresses.

Actions by other people

You won't be alerted to things you've just done yourself. Although the alerts dropdown will always show the current state of each project locale, it won't nag you with an unread notification unless the change was caused by someone else.

Some actions may be automatic, such as the auto-flagging of translations as "Fuzzy". In these cases, you will be alerted as you didn't directly perform the action yourself.

Watching specific locales

The :cog icon: in the alerts dropdown links to your alert settings. Here you can "mute" the projects you don't want nagging about.

If you're only interested in specific languages you can choose which project locales to "watch". When you join a project team you automatically start watching all the locales you can edit. If this becomes too noisy, you can simply switch off the ones you're not interested in.

Email notifications

We'll send you an email when you have new (or unread) project notifications.
You can switch this on and off on a per-project basis from the :cog icon: in the alerts dropdown.

We'll try to avoid emailing you too often. If you don't log in and look at your notifications, we won't keep emailing you when new things happen. If you're active on the site and see your notifications in the dashboard, we may not email you at all about things you've already seen.

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