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Adding team members to a project

You can add unlimited translators to all Loco projects. That goes for FREE accounts too.

With a Pro account you can add more privileged team members and create custom roles for use across your projects.


Team members in free accounts can edit translations in any of the languages you allow, but they cannot perform other privileged tasks in your project. They are effectively guests. Translators are given access to specific languages on a per-project basis. This means adding a project locale and then inviting a translator as follows:

Inviting a new translator

From the main project management view, the "Team" panel on the right-hand side provides the option to "Add a team member". Clicking the :add icon: will bring up a window for inviting a new translator.

  1. Enter the new team member's details. Their email address is required, but their name is optional. Then click "Next.."
  2. Select the project locales the new member will be allowed to edit. (These must already be added to the project). Then click "Next.."
  3. The final confirmation step allows you to enter a message that will be sent in their invitation email.

The translator will now be sent an email from Loco allowing them to activate their account and join the project.

Project Collaborators

Project collaborators are privileged team members that can do more of the things you can do. Adding collaborators requires a Pro account and provides much more control over who can access your project and what they can do in it. With this feature you can delegate management and developer tasks to other people in your team, and set up regional translator roles for use across all your projects.

Adding a new collaborator

The process of adding collaborators is the same as for adding translators, except you select the "Project Collaborator" radio button on the role selection screen. This will reveal several pre-defined project roles to choose from. You can select multiple roles for the same team member, but if you find you need the combined permissions of multiple roles it is simple to add a new role that includes all the required permissions.

Pre-defined project roles

Loco provides three default collaborator roles. Administrator, Manager and Developer. This list can be customized, but for small teams these roles cover most common cases.

As the creator of a project you always start with the special Owner role. This role has full permissions like the Administrator role, with the added privilege that you cannot be removed from your own project, except by a more privileged Account Administrator.

For more detail on the permissions model, see Customizing project roles.

Extra privileges

Project roles only provide control of projects. Team members you add have no control over your account. This means that even team members with full project permissions cannot add new projects to your account. If they want to start a new project, they'd have to add it to their own account and then invite you.

With a Pro plan you can "promote" team members to have control of your account as well as your projects. This option is given when you invite a new member, and is also available from your account dashboard once you have team members to choose from.

See Account Teams for more information on assigning account level privileges.

Problems inviting members

If a new team member doesn't activate their account, it could be that you entered the wrong email address or their invitation email may be caught in a spam filter. Here are some things to try:

  1. Remove them from the project and and re-invite them with the correct address; this will send out a new invitation.
  2. Ask them to check their junk folder and ensure they can receive our emails. See Spam Filters.
  3. Ask them to use the Forgotten Password link from the login page. If their address matches, they can resend the invite.
  4. Ask them to register for a Loco account themselves. If they use the same address, they'll automatically join your project.

Joining other projects

You may see that you are not a member of every project in a particular account. If you aren't an administrator of the account that owns the project, you can only join if someone on the team invites you.

Account Administrators can join projects in their account without invitation. Administrators don't get access to new projects by default, but can assign themselves a role at any time. Administrators may choose to restrict their own project permissions simply to avoid accidental changes to project data, however they have the power to grant themselves full permissions any time they wish.

Changing the project owner

A Project Owner cannot be removed from their own project or have their role downgraded, except by a more privileged Account Administrator. This means it's safe to assign project managers without promotion and they won't be able to lock you out.

If you are an Account Administrator and another Account Administrator removes you from a project, you can simply add yourself back again.