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Starting your own team

When you register for Loco, your account contains a single user - you.

As soon as you add a team member to any of your projects, your account becomes a team. Once your team members have activated their accounts you will see them appear in a new "People" tab in your account dashboard.

Other team members cannot add projects to your account, nor edit your settings. When you start a new project you can choose whether they have access to it. If you don't add team members to new projects, they cannot see that it exists at all.

Joining other teams

If you were invited to Loco by somebody else, you will belong to their team in addition to having your own account that you control.

You won't be able to add projects to the host team, but you can add projects to your own account and none of the other team members will be able to see it. If you decide to add people to your own projects, your own account will become a team too.

Promoting team members

If you need a team member to create projects and edit your account settings, you can promote them to an Account Administrator. To do this, find the person you want to promote in the "People" tab of your team dashboard and click the "project roles" link next to their name. In the window that opens you will see a "Promote" button with a :star icon:.

Account administrators cannot remove you from your own team, nor delete projects that you've created. They don't get any additional privileges on existing projects, but they will be able to create new ones under their full control.


  • Inviting new team members is done from the project management screen. See the "Team" panel on the right hand side.
  • Your quotas apply only to your own account. Being added to other people's projects doesn't affect your own allocation, and visa versa.

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