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How to gain control of a project you didn't create

  • If you need control of a project, ask the project owner to make you a project administrator. This role has the same capabilities as the project owner, except for permission to delete the project.

  • If you are an account administrator you can take control of any project within your team. Note however that the original owner may also have permission to transfer it back again.

Both of these options require a Pro account. Projects within free accounts can only be transferred to another account by request, as outlined below.

Transferring projects to another account

If you need to transfer a project out of your account (to another team) you can do so by sending us a message while logged in as the current project owner. The message should grant permission for the transfer and specify the email address of the new owner.

  • Don't create an empty project for the transfer. The project is moved, not copied.
  • Ensure the target account has sufficient quota to receive the new project.
  • Note that transferred projects may require team members being invited again.

Transferring account ownership

You may request your whole account be transferred to another user by sending us a message while logged in as the current account owner. If you are not the account owner please contact the original owner and ask them to do this. If you don't know their details, we will contact them for permission on your behalf.

If a registered email address bounces our messages we will consider their account abandoned and transfer it to an active account administrator.

If none of these situations apply and your Loco account is primarily used by an organisation, please see below.

Corporate account ownership

Please note that having your organisation pay for an account does not mean that any member of that organisation can simply ask us to hand over control of the account. Neither does it mean that the finance department has ultimate control over anything except payment. Account ownership remains with the individual who registered for it. This is according to our terms of service.

However, we understand that account owners often leave organisations without first handing over their Loco account to people who justifiably need it. We will delegate new ownership under the following circumstances:

  1. The account owner has left your organisation, or is in some way permanently uncontactable.
  2. The account is evidently being used exclusively for company business and contains no data belonging to the original owner.
  3. The account is on a Pro plan and the subscription is being paid for by your organisation.

We won't provide you with access to another user's account unless you can demonstrate that all of the above apply and we're satisfied that the original owner no longer requires their account.

Is there an easier way?

Under our terms of service the ultimate authority over a Loco account lies with the individual in possession of its associated email address and password. So in the case of accounts used by organisations you may find the simplest route is to gain control of an absent colleague's mailbox and perform a password reset.

Proving who you are

When giving consent to transfer data to another person, you must be logged into Loco as the data owner. A simple message sent from our contact form lets us know you're logged in.

Sending us a regular email doesn't prove anything as these are easily forged. However (under our terms of service) being able to receive an email at an address registered to a Loco account is sufficient evidence that you are the owner of that account. This is necessary in order to provide password resets; thus it is also sufficient for authorizing transfer of your data.