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How to gain control of a project you didn't create

If you need control of a project, ask the project owner to make you a project administrator. This role has the same capabilities as the project owner, except for permission to delete the project.

If this route is not suitable in your case, you can request a project transfer as outlined below.

Transferring project ownership to another account/team

If for any reason you need to change the ownership of a project, you can do so by sending us a message while logged in as the current project owner. This message should grant permission for the transfer and specify the email address of the new owner (and the account name, if they are a member of more than one).

  • Don't create an empty project for the transfer. The project is moved, not copied.
  • Ensure the target account has sufficient quota to receive the new project.
  • Note that transferred projects may require team members being invited again.

Project owner has left the company

This is the most common reason for transfer requests. Even if the project owner has left your organization we still need consent to be granted via their Loco account. How you arrange this is down to you.

  • We won't under any circumstances provide control of any data without the data owner's permission.
  • Access to the Loco account dashboard is the only way to prove you are the data owner.
  • We will not enter into disputes between team members over ownership.

Transferring account ownership

We can only transfer project ownership. Accounts cannot be transferred to other users.

If the account owner has left your organization the only course of action is to take over their user login. If they are not able to change their email address to one you have access to, then your IT department may provide you with access to their old company mailbox. Then you can simply do a password reset to access the account.

We won't under any circumstances provide you with access to another user's account.

If you want to transfer your own account to another person, simply add their email address to your account and have them do a password reset. Once they're logged in they can verify their address and delete yours. If the other person has a pre-existing Loco account they will need to close it before you start the transfer.

Proving you're you

When giving consent to transfer data to another person, you must be logged into Loco as the data owner. A simple message sent from our contact form lets us know you're logged in.

Sending us a regular email doesn't prove you're really you, but being able to receive an email is all you need to do a password reset.