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Managing email addresses in your personal profile

Adding a new email address

You can add new email addresses to your Loco account at any time. Open the Account dropdown at the top-right of your dashboard and click "Personal profile". Under the "Email address" section, fill in a new address and click the :add icon:.

As soon as you've added a new address you can use it for signing in to Loco with your password. However, we won't send any emails to it until it's been verified.

Verifying your address

When you add a new email address we will send you a verification link in order to establish the mailbox exists. We do this because bounced emails damage our "sender" reputation and can result in genuine emails getting caught in spam filters.

Clicking the verification link will update your profile with the new address showing as "Verified", but you must be logged into Loco for this to work.

If you don't receive your verification email, you can resend it from your Personal Profile after five minutes have passed. However, the most likely cause of not receiving the email is that your spam filters have caught it, or your mail provider is blocking us.

Primary email address

You can choose any one of your verified email addresses to be your primary contact. This means it will receive system emails, such as notifications. If we need to contact you for any other reason, we will always try this address first.

To make an address primary, open your Personal Profile and click the radio button next to the address you want to use.

Deleting email addresses

You can delete your email addresses at any time, with the exception of your primary contact. All Loco accounts require at least one active email address. If you wish to remove all your email addresses, you can close your account.

To delete one of your email addresses, open your Personal Profile and click the :trash icon: next to the address you want to remove.

Please see our privacy policy for how we process your personal information and how to remove it from our system.

How to change your registered email address

The process for simply changing your email address is to use a combination of the above features:

  1. Add the new address;
  2. Verify it's genuine;
  3. Promote it to primary;
  4. Delete the old address.

Bounced emails

Please ensure you can receive mail from Loco at any address you add to your profile. If mail doesn't arrive as expected, be sure to check your spam filters or ask your mail hosting provider if they're blocking us.

The majority of bounces we receive are from mailboxes at and, so please double check your spelling :)

If a previously verified address starts rejecting emails, we may have to remove it from your account. This will show up as "Revoked" in your profile and you'll have to go through the verification process again to reactivate it.

If you continually add invalid email addresses to your profile they may show up as "Locked". This prevents further use of the address while still associating it with your account.

All Loco accounts must have at least one active email address, so please be aware that if we fail to contact you with important information about your account we may have to disable it. If that happens, please contact us us to discuss the problem.

Spam filters

We do our best to ensure our emails can be delivered to your inbox, but we can't guarantee that your email provider won't block us for some reason. This may be due to the nature of the email content or because our mail sender has been blacklisted. It's rare, but it happens.

You may find that adding (support at this domain) to your address book helps keep our emails out of your junk folder, but if your email provider is bouncing emails before this stage of delivery then you may have to speak to them.

If your email provider asks us to manually verify ourselves, or make a payment in order to accept our mail we will not be able to oblige. If you wish to receive email notifications from Loco, please ensure they can reach you.

Email aliases

There can only be one Loco account per email address. This includes using mailbox extension techniques such as and

Loco does not recognize Gmail's dots don't matter address aliasing. (e.g. being the same as alicefoo). If you use these variations to register multiple free accounts, not only will you confuse yourself, but you may also find we amalgamate the duplicates into a single account.

If you have a Loco account and somebody plans to invite you to their project, please ensure they invite you via an email address exactly as it appears in your account.

Email suppression list

We operate an email suppression list which blocks all sending of emails from our system to the listed addresses. You can be added to this list if you close your Loco account, or if you received an email from us in error and wish to "unsubscribe".

To achieve this without actually storing a blocked address we store an irreversible hash of it instead. Please see our privacy notice with regard to emails.