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"Loco Translate" is the official Loco plugin for WordPress

This plugin helps you translate themes and other plugins directly in WordPress admin. You don't need a Loco account to use it. It's entirely separate from the main Loco site.

User guides

Loco Translate was originally built for developers to localise their own themes and plugins. 100,000 downloads later it has become popular with a wider range of people. Select the guide most appropriate for you.

System requirements

  • Any modern web browser will run the front end. Internet Explorer must be at least version 9.
  • Most Unix-like servers capable of running WordPress will run the back end.
  • The plugin is tested on PHP 5.3 and up. Older versions of PHP may work, but are not officially supported.
  • Solaris is not supported. It requires file system functionality not available in PHP when running on Solaris.
  • PHP under Windows is not officially supported.
  • Apache mod_security is known to cause problems with WordPress and it affects this plugin.