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Getting help with the Loco WordPress plugin

If you need help using our WordPress plugin, please post your question in the official plugin support forum and not by email.

Before posting a question please check the most commonly asked questions and if you haven't done so already, try running through the beginner's guide. If your question is not specifically related to our plugin, you may find you get better results asking in a general WordPress forum. We can't offer general technical help with things like operating systems, servers or coding.

Help configuring a theme or plugin

It's common to see warnings that a "bundle" is not configured. This is not a bug, but we understand you might need some help with it.

  • Open source bundles
    We will help you configure Loco Translate to work with any theme in the WordPress theme directory, or any plugin in the plugin directory. If you include the relevant download link in your support request we'll try to provide you with a working configuration file.

  • Commercial bundles
    We offer no support for configuring Loco Translate to work with commercial themes or plugins. Please contact commercial vendors for help translating their products. They may tell you to use other software, in which case you should follow their guidance.

Developers looking to make their products automatically compatible with Loco Translate might want to read our help for authors.

Help with translation problems

By far the most common support request we receive is along these lines:

  • Translations are not showing up, or certain strings stay in English;
  • You can't find the phrases from your site that you want to translate.

We're asked every day to solve these kinds of issues, but the problem is almost never due to our plugin:

  • The bundle may not be localized according to WordPress standards;
  • The bundle may have missing or out of date files, or errors in the code;
  • The translations may not belong to the bundle you thought they did.

We've tried to offer some self-help approaches in our FAQs, but this kind of problem is always very technical and the author of the bundle is often the only person who can help. If you can demonstrate that Loco Translate is responsible then please report it to us as a bug.

Reporting bugs

We want to fix bugs, so if you experience any errors using our plugin please report them in the support forum.

When reporting a bug please try to provide good diagnostics. Telling us you get a blank screen or that it just "doesn't work" won't give us anything to investigate. If you see an error message, please post the full text of the message. If the error isn't very descriptive then look in your log files for more useful details.

If your problem relates to a specific theme or plugin, please post a free download link so we can install it ourselves. If you can't provide this for some reason (such as commercial licensing) we won't be able to investigate your issue.

Support channels

The forum is the only place we will respond to plugin support requests.

Please don't email us asking for WordPress help (that includes submitting our contact form). We receive the same questions by email every day and cannot keep responding to them with the same answers. By answering your question in a public forum we make the solution available for the next person who has the same problem.