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Getting help with the Loco WordPress plugin

If you need help using our WordPress plugin, please post your question in the official plugin support forum.

Please don't email us for WordPress help. Personal support over email is only available for the main Loco website. By asking your question in the support forum other WordPress users will benefit from any answers posted.

Before posting a question please check the most commonly asked questions and if you haven't done so already, try running through the beginner's guide. If your question is not specifically related to our plugin, you may find you get better results asking in a general WordPress forum. We can't offer general technical help with things like file systems, servers or coding.

What to include in support requests

A good support request is clear about the problem and clear how it relates to our plugin. Unless you have a simple question, we'll probably need to reproduce your situation on our own server. This means we need clear and precise information that lets us see exactly what you see.

We can't tell you what we need to know to solve an unknown problem, but follow this guide for some suggestions. If your question still hasn't been answered, check these reasons why that might be.

Localization problems

Your experience of Loco Translate lives and dies with how well localized your theme and plugins are. If you're not the author of what you're translating, you should get in touch with the person who is before asking us for help.

We're keen to work with bundle authors to ensure their work is compatible with our plugin, but we can't provide localization support to their customers as well. If you have a problem with a specific theme or plugin, please ask the author how they intended their bundle to be translated. The answer may be to use some other software, but if they want their bundle to be translatable with Loco, then send them to our author help page.

If you want to translate a specific string and can't find it in our editor (or it's not displaying on your site) then please ask the bundle author whether this string is translatable before reporting it to us as a bug.

End of support for version 1

The 1.x branch of this plugin had many known problems and has been completely replaced with version 2. As such, we can no longer provide support for problems with version 1. The answer to all reported problems will be to upgrade to version 2.