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Unresolved issues

Unresolved support requests for the Loco WordPress plugin

We don't like leaving problems unsolved, but only one person is available to answer support questions and we get dozens of requests every week - many of them requiring the same answers.

All questions are read. If your question hasn't been answered, or you're not satisfied with the answer, it will be for one of the following reasons:

  • Emailed
    Personal support over email is only available for Loco customers. Emails about the plugin may not be answered. By asking your question in the support forum, other WordPress users with similar problems may benefit from the answer.

  • Duplicate
    Duplicate questions (especially these FAQs) may not be answered again, so please try to solve your problem from the hundreds of existing threads in the forum before asking. Even if the answer you find doesn't help you, it may be the only answer available.

  • Vague or confusing
    Reports that don't contain any useful or coherent information about a problem may not be answered. We won't keep asking you questions until we guess what's wrong. The onus is on you to explain clearly what is wrong and how to reproduce the issue. See our tips on good bug reports.

  • Not in English
    We can only answer questions posted in English. (ironic, I know). Google-translated questions rarely make any sense, so these may not be answered either. Sorry.

  • Dead end
    The purpose of support threads is to identify and fix problems with the plugin or just offer help using it. Threads can reach a point where no problem can be identified or no further suggestions can be given. We might still mark these as 'resolved' - that simply means we've looked at the issue and it's gone as far as we can take it.

  • Off topic
    If your issue looks like it's not related directly to our plugin we may have to abandon the thread. This includes problems you might have with other parts of your WordPress or your server. We can't offer general technical help; there are other forums for that.

  • Too technical
    If we've answered your question with a technical solution you can't implement (e.g. editing code, configuring a server) we may not be able to reduce it to anything simpler. We can't offer general technical help with coding or system administration.

  • Incompatible
    If we've told you that Loco Translate isn't compatible with your theme, there will be no immediate solution. We might be able to tell you why it's not compatible, but that doesn't mean there's a fix unless you are the author.

  • Commercial themes
    Problems with paid-for themes won't be investigated. The first thing we do to analyse your issue is install the theme you're translating. We're not going to pay $80 for the pleasure. The same applies to premium plugins.

  • Rude
    It's rare, but not rare enough. Most posters are polite and respectful. Rude or demanding posts will be ignored.