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Development releases

Trying out the latest version of Loco Translate

As with all plugins in the WordPress directory Loco Translate users with automatic updates enabled will receive the latest version once it's gone live. Between live releases the development version can be installed manually.

See what features are coming in the next release in the Changelog.

Installing the development version

The latest plugin code is available via Git and Subversion only. Run either of these commands from your wp-content/plugins directory.

svn checkout loco-translate

- or from our Git mirror -

git clone loco-translate

If you're unable to use Git or Subversion you can download the zip file for manual installation.

If you normally install plugins automatically from within WordPress, you might want to try the SVN Updater plugin. This will let you overwrite your installed version of Loco Translate with the latest development snapshot.

Note that none of these methods will prompt you to update the plugin. You'll have to reinstall it every time you want the latest changes. The development trunk is updated several times a day during active development.

How stable is it?

We push code into the SVN trunk a few times a day when we're happy the code is stable enough for beta testing. This means we don't know of any problems with it, but we need more people to help us find bugs. And bugs there will be.

You've probably been told that installing plugins from the SVN trunk is risky. This is good advice, although the same advice should really be applied to installing any plugin. WordPress has no formal process that establishes a plugin as intrinsically "stable". Any author can publish "unstable" code to a live plugin at any time. Therefore it's good practice to always try new plugins (and plugin updates) on a development server before using in production.

If you're in any doubt as to whether our development version is safe, then please don't install it.


We welcome any feedback you care to give, but we're particularly keen to know whether it works. Improvements to design and usability will come and new features will be added, but the priority when testing bleeding edge code is ensuring it does what it says on the tin. If you have any feedback, please post your comments on the support forum.


As much as we love the WordPress community, Loco isn't a collaborative project. If you're a developer, we'll greatly appreciate your help debugging any faults you find, but we'd prefer not to receive patches or pull requests. Please just post a bug report on the support forum.

When will the next stable version be released?

We can't provide dates for so-called stable releases. The more feedback we receive from development snapshots, the sooner the next version will be rolled out to automatic updates.