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"Loco Translate" is the official Loco plugin for WordPress

Our plugin lets you edit theme and plugin translation files directly in WordPress admin. You don't need a Loco account to use it. It's entirely separate from the main Loco site.

User guides

Getting help

If you have any questions about Loco Translate, please post them in the support forum. Emails about the WordPress plugin won't be answered; there are just too many for us to respond to.

System requirements

  • Any modern web browser will run the front end. Internet Explorer must be at least version 9.
  • Most Unix-like servers capable of running WordPress will run the back end.
  • The plugin is compatible with the same versions of PHP as WordPress, 5.2.4 and up.
  • Mandatory PHP extensions are mbstring and json (required for essential functions).
  • Optional PHP extensions are tokenizer and posix (required for non-essential functions).
  • PHP under Windows should work, but is not officially supported.