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"Loco Translate" is the official Loco plugin for WordPress

Our plugin lets you edit theme and plugin translation files directly in WordPress admin. You don't need a Loco account to use it.

Guides and tutorials

Getting more help

To report a bug please start a new topic in the support forum. Feel free to ask any other question, but note that we can only provide support for issues directly relating to our plugin. We cannot help with coding, server errors, or general localisation problems.

System requirements

  • Loco Translate is compatible with WordPress versions from 5.2 to the most recent release.
  • Any modern web browser will run the front end. Internet Explorer must be at least version 9.
  • Most Unix-like servers capable of running WordPress will run the back end.
  • Minimum PHP requirements are that of WordPress 5.2, which is PHP 5.6.20
  • Mandatory PHP extensions are mbstring and json (required for essential functions).
  • Optional PHP extensions are tokenizer and posix (required for non-essential functions).
  • PHP under Windows should work, but is not officially supported.

Other considerations

  • Don't save your work into files that WordPress can overwrite or delete. See FAQ.
  • Be aware that some security software is known to block some functions of this plugin. See FAQ.
  • Ensure your server can accept post data at least the size of your PO files. See FAQ.
  • If you're extracting strings from source code make sure PHP has enough memory. See FAQ.

Known issues

  • Some hosting providers are known to block the posting of large PO files. See FAQ.