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FAQ: Where is the language switcher?

Loco Translate does not provide a language switcher, because switching language is not the purpose of the plugin. We are focused on the primary functions of file management and string editing.

Your WordPress language is a site option. You can change the default value in your WordPress settings. We cover this briefly in the beginner's guide and also offer some more tips here, but that's all the technical support we can offer on the topic.

Dynamically changing language (for anonymous visitors) is not a native feature of WordPress, so implementing a public language switcher requires writing some code (and/or installing a plugin). We don't offer help with coding, but if you're looking to build a language switcher of your own, start by looking at the locale filter.

Will you add this function?

There are no plans to introduce this feature into the Loco Translate plugin at the moment.

What other plugins are there?

We're not in a position to recommend any language-switching plugins, but if you find a good one please let us know so we can link to it.