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FAQ: How can I add a language without a translation template?

Generating your own template is a feature for developers. We recommend against it unless you're the bundle author.

When adding a language in Loco Translate you may see a warning that says there's no template file. You are offered to ignore the problem, generate your own template, or define one in the bundle configuration. These are all advanced options. For most users we recommend a simpler way.

Copy an existing PO file

This is by far the easiest way to solve the problem, but it requires you have a valid PO file already installed.

From the bundle Overview tab you will see a list of all the PO files installed. Choose one in any language. It does not need to be translated, but its source strings must be up-to-date and correct. It's critical that it relates exactly to the developer's current source code on your system.

Hover over your chosen file in the dashboard and click the Copy option, as shown below:


On the following screen ensure you select the template options as below:

  • "Just copy English source strings"
  • "Use this file as template when running Sync"

That's it. You can now create translations in your language from the available source strings defined in the original file.

  • For more detail on these options see the section on template options.
  • You can change these options after the file has been created by opening the "File info" tab and clicking the cog icon.

How can you be sure a PO file is up to date?

Installing the community translations for your bundle is one way to ensure a good quality file. Pick any language, but make sure you install the correct file version. The latest stable version is a good choice, as long as you have the latest stable version of the bundle installed.

If you can't get hold of a translation file, ask the bundle author to provide one.

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