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Configuration problems

FAQ: Why does it say my bundle isn't configured?

You will see this warning if Loco Translate doesn't fully understand how your theme or plugin has been set up for translation. In these cases you need to tell Loco Translate how to make sense of it. That's what we mean by configuring a bundle.

See Bundle setup.

Under the Setup tab you should see more detail on exactly what needs configuring. Below are some common things Loco Translate will complain about:

No translation template

Bundle authors don't always supply a template file, but it might not be missing. It might just have the wrong name. You'll need to verify which is the case and either tell Loco Translate where to find it, or generate the template file yourself.

See Working with templates.

Additional files found

Loco Translate can't tell you why the files it doesn't understand are unknown, but these are the most likely reasons:

  • Non-standard file names
    Loco Translate avoids guesswork by design. Unidentified files might simply have unexpected names. This is easily fixed by entering them into the configuration. For example: Telling Loco Translate to use default.po as the template path would fix a common naming error.

  • Multiple text domains
    WordPress only allows themes and plugins to declare a single Text Domain each. This means that Loco Translate has no way to make sense of bundles that contain multiple sets of translations. Each set you wish to translate must be added into the bundle configuration.

Help configuring bundles

Configuring non-standard bundles can be complex if you're not familiar with WordPress localization. We can only provide this level of technical support for open source themes in the WordPress directory, and likewise with open source plugins.

For commercial vendors, please contact their support directly and suggest they make their work compatible with Loco Translate.