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How to leave Loco and have all your data destroyed

You can initiate the closing of your account from the Account dropdown in the top-right of your dashboard.

Click "Account settings" or "Personal profile" from the dropdown menu at the top right of the main dashboard. Then select the "Privacy" tab and click "Delete your account". Tick the confirmation checkbox and click the "Delete" button to request permanent account closure. Submitting this form will immediately disable your account and begin destroying your data irreversibly.

Alternatively you can request the closure of your account by contacting us while logged in to the account you wish to close. Once we've received your request we'll begin the same data deletion process as above. We guarantee to do this within 5 business days, but it will usually be much quicker.

Project data

If you're the owner of any collaborative translation projects, you won't be able to close your account until you've deleted them. This is done by finding the project in your team dashboard and clicking its :trash icon:.

We ask you to delete your projects first to ensure against accidental deletion of data to which other team members might need continued access. If you want to close your account without deleting your projects, please contact us with consent to transfer them to a new owner before deleting your account.

Deletion and retention

We guarantee to destroy your data as far as legally and physically possible within 30 days. The reality is that most of your data will be wiped from our active system much more quickly than that, usually within a few hours.

There may be remnants of data that will take longer to expire (such as log file entries, and data backups). It's also possible that some of your data is subject to a retention period for legal reasons (such as tax records). See our terms and conditions and privacy policy for full details on data destruction and retention.

Email suppression list

We always delete your email address when you close your account, but this alone isn't enough to prevent others from giving us your address in future. That could happen if someone registered for Loco using your address, or someone invited you to join their project.

If you tick the option that says "Prevent others from inviting me in future" we will add you to our email suppression list. Our system will refuse to process any email address on this list.

We don't store actual email addresses in our suppression list, we store an irreversible hash that is used to verify if an address presented to us is blocked.