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What to do if your account is temporarily locked

Occasionally we have to temporarily lock an account while we resolve a matter with its owner. No access by any team member is permitted to any translation projects while an account is locked, including via the API.

If your account is locked for any reason, please contact us to resolve the issue. You should also check your junk mail filters, because we will most likely have tried to contact you about the issue already.

Not the account owner?

If you're a member of someone else's team you won't be able to access any of their projects while their account is locked. If you get in touch we can discuss the matter with you, but please be aware that certain details (such as payment information) can only be discussed with account administrators.

Unpaid invoices

When you upgrade to a paid plan we take your first payment and begin providing the service to you immediately. If the following payment fails we'll continue supplying the service for a limited time period while we try to resolve the matter with you personally.

These are the steps we'll take to resolve an unpaid invoice:

  1. If the problem seems temporary (such as insufficient funds) we'll try several times to take payment over a period of up to 10 days.
  2. If a payment requires your personal authorization we'll email you as soon as possible so you can log in and confirm the transaction.
  3. If all payments fail or the failure is permanent (such as an expired card) we'll get in touch and ask you to update your card details.
  4. If we receive no reply to our emails and payment doesn't appear forthcoming we will either cancel your plan or lock your account.
  • Cancellation
    If you haven't been using your account during the unpaid period, we may simply cancel your plan and void your invoice. We'll only do this if we think you've abandoned your account on purpose and don't intend to continue with your plan.
  • Suspension
    If your account appears to be active we may place a lock on it until the matter is resolved. This will mean no access by any team members to any projects via any interface. If you decide you no longer want a Pro plan, tell us and we'll revert you to the free plan.

Please note that storing your data is part of the service, so any data exceeding the free quotas will have to be deleted before reverting your account to the free plan.

Bank transfers

If your plan is under direct billing arrangements we follow the same protocol as above except that we can only wait for your payment by bank transfer. If an invoice remains unpaid we may lock the account until the full funds are received.

If you believe payment has been made, please get in touch to help us identify it. It could be that the amount debited does not match the amount invoiced due to currency exchange or bank fees. To avoid this, please reference your invoice number on the transfer.


If you've unlocked your account by settling an overdue invoice we'll happily refund you for any days during the paid period your account was inaccessible. Please note however, that blocking card payments as a strategy to "freeze" your subscription is not acceptable as we still have to store your data and often spend time resolving the payment issues personally. We offer this refund in good faith, but accounts that abuse it on purpose will be closed.

Invalid email addresses

If we're unable to contact you due to mail delivery failures, we may lock your account until your mailbox becomes responsive.

Bounced emails damage our "sender" reputation and can result in our getting black-listed. For this reason, please ensure the account owner always has an up-to-date and working mailbox. Also please ensure your spam filters allow mail from "support" at our domain name. Add it to your address book if that helps.

If your account is locked for this reason, just send us an email from your registered address and we'll unlock it for you.


Very rarely we have to lock accounts for abusive behaviour. In these instances we are unlikely to contact account owners for a discussion.

We have final say in what constitutes abuse of our service, but one example is sending spam. By this we mean deliberately using our systems to send unsolicited messages that have no relevance to the function of Loco. Any account identified as sending spam will be locked permanently without notice and all related email addresses will be added to a list of banned accounts.

Please note that we only retain hashes of banned email addresses and cannot access the original data. See Email suppression list .

Data access

Having a locked account does not circumvent your right of access to your personal data. You can always make a Subject Access Request (SAR) and we will oblige according to the law.

Similarly, your translation data belongs to you. If you need to download your data from an account that cannot be unlocked for some reason (such as permanent payment failure) we can send you a Zip archive containing all your translations in one of our supported file formats. We will only do this once as you will then be in possession of your data.