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Translations limit

All Loco plans are limited by a total number of translations stored across your whole account.

Check the plans page for the most up-to-date volumes available.

Free account quotas

Free accounts have some additional limits that apply regardless of your total translations. Here's an explanation of what each free account limit means:

  • Max number of projects
    Free accounts have a limited number of projects. Note that all projects in Loco are private.
    See full details.

  • Max assets per project
    Free projects have a maximum number of assets you can add for translating.
    See full details.

  • Max locales per project
    Free projects have a maximum number of locales you can translate into.
    See full details.

  • Limited revision history
    Loco stores the previous edit of every translation you make. You can see who changed what and when, and revert to the previous revision if required. Free accounts store your current translation plus the previous edit. Pro accounts provide an unlimited revision history.

Pro plans don't have these additional limits - only the total translations quota for your plan applies. Read about going Pro.

Quota FAQs

  • What exactly constitutes a translation?
    A single translation is an asset translated into one language. One asset translated into five languages will use up five of your allocated translations. Untranslated assets don't count towards your quota, but your source language text does.

  • Why does my translation count stay the same when I empty out a string?
    An empty translation is not the same as an untranslated asset. Look out for the :eraser icon: to properly delete a translation and its revision history.

  • How can I keep my usage down and stay on the free plan?
    You can download your translations at any time, so if you've finished with a project you can simply delete it and start a new project with a fresh quota. If your deleted project starts up again, you can re-import your saved translations.

  • Can I have some more free quota?
    If you're still evaluating Loco and need a larger volume to test it properly, then please get in touch to discuss.

  • Can't I just register multiple free accounts to get more quota?
    There are good reasons you might need another login for yourself, so it's not against the rules to register multiple times. However, quotas are applied to accounts (not users). If we identity a syndicate exploiting free accounts we may merge all its users into a single account.

  • Why do free accounts have these extra limits?
    Our policy is to charge for resources rather than features. We'll never withhold a feature that costs us nothing just to force you into a paid plan. But if a feature uses up resources then we have to offer it sparingly. You might think your translations only use up disk space, but other processes (such as exporting large files) eat into finite resources like RAM and CPU.

Ready to go Pro?

A flexible range of paid plans are available if you use up your free quota or need to run bigger projects.

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