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Going Pro with our flexible range of plans

Loco will always be free, but a free account comes with some limits. You may never need to upgrade, but if your usage gets heavy we offer higher volumes by monthly subscription.

Check the plans page for the most up-to-date prices and volumes available.

What you get

All Loco paid plans have unlimited projects. Each project can contain unlimited assets and unlimited locales. You are only limited by the total number of translations you store. This number can go as high as you need.

New features are being added to Loco all the time. As a Pro user you'll benefit the most, because not all features will be available to free accounts. Check the plans table for the latest Pro features.

Economy of scale

Loco plans are arranged into tiers whereby the cost of translations gets cheaper the more you purchase. If your usage increases, but you're not ready to jump to the next tier, you can always pay for more translations at the same rate as your current plan. Check the bottom of the plans table for the latest rates for additional translations.

Payments and changing plans

Payments are currently only by credit card. See the billing help page for details on billing cycles.

Our promise

We're committed to fair and transparent pricing, as well as offering a useful free service.

You can cancel your plan at any time and we'll refund you for the remaining days you didn't use.

Plan FAQs

  • What exactly constitutes a translation?
    A single translation is an asset translated into one language. One asset translated into five languages will use up five of your allocated translations. Untranslated assets don't count towards your quota, but your source language text does.

  • Can I try a Pro plan before paying for it?
    The free plan is sufficient to test most of the functionality of Loco before purchasing, but we understand if you want to see how it copes with higher volumes. Remember you can cancel your plan at any time and you'll only pay for the days you used. Read about cancellations.

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